About Us

Moyne & Co have been in business since 2014. Directors Patrick Moyne and Mark Shave together have a combined experience of 60 years in the retail fit out industry.

With its client base forged in retail & hospitality over the preceding years, the company has been steadily growing and has built itself a reputation for integrity, service and value.

In 2003 Patrick Moyne became a director/part owner of Shears and Mak. His roles covered contract management, pricing, cost control/management, production management, human resources, sales and marketing. Shears & Mak Ltd became the most dominant and respected shop fitting company in New Zealand.

Mark arrived in New Zealand in 2006. During his career in the UK Mark was a Director of C-Beck Ltd, one of the largest Museum, Exhibition & Shopfitting companies in the UK. Together they form a strong partnership, Patrick’s flare, and eye for design is complimented by Mark’s pragmatic approach to project management.